Scarf Headband Copper Paisley and Solid Chartreuse | Upcycled Series | Silky Satin Head Scarf | Handmade

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A NEW TAKE // on silky printed scarves. I’m all about making things simpler, so we’re at it again. Instead of ties to make this a head wrap, we’ve made them flexible headbands. Several patterns, no two the same. Colors / pattern vary depending on how it’s cut. See other listings for more patterns. Sold individually, not a set. More patterns available in headband section!

These headbands are made by hand and with sustainability in mind. Made from upcycled scraps from scarves, we put as much fabric to use instead of going into a landfill. This takes time to skillfully plan patterns and pieces so that we can create something attractive and useful with the fabric we have left with the least amount of waste.

This fabric is a lightweight polyester silky satin , making it more durable for wear and delicate wash. Air dry.

Measures approximately 10.5” x 3”. Head circumference approximately 22.5” without stretching.

Designed and sewn in Cincinnati, OH.