Zeppelin Paisley Collection | Floofy Scrunchie | Long Hair Scarf | Neck Scarf | Hair-tie Bow | Luxury Designer Hair Accessories | Handmade

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Zeppelin Paisley is available as a scarf, supersize scrunchie, or a bow. You choose the product/style. Each sold seperate, not as a set.

1. The Long Scarf is approximately 2” x 49”. Tie this so many ways! Wear it as a head scarf, pony scarf, neck scarf or weave into your braid.

2. Hair-Tie Bow measure approximately 7” x 14” and is a fixed bow unable to be untied. Hair ties can be black/brown upon request!

3. Floofy Supersize Scrunchie 5-6” diameter.

Scarf and scrunchie can be washed and air dried. Steam only the scrunchie (while flat, don’t steam while holding!). Scarf can be ironed.