Floral Petite Knot Scrunchies | Liberty London Cotton | Colorful Florals | Fine Hair Scrunchies | Luxury Fabric Scrunchies

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PARISIAN SERIES // You had me at hibiscus 🌺

Hand picked in Paris and sewn in Cincinnati, Ohio with LIBERTY® fabrics.

Not heard of them? They’ve been making high end textiles since in the 1800’s, well known for lightweight cotton fabrics with super smooth weave and buttery finish. The patterns and pigment are saturated and lush. These fabrics are L U X U R Y. This is the first favorite chosen with intent for wear through several seasons. There was little left of this on the bolt so quantity will be limited.

The Petite Fit: These elastics are slighter tighter for you dames with silky fine hair. I also personally love these in a half up messy bun. Twist it twice.

Each sold separate, check our other listings for more Liberty® prints and products!

Approximate Dimensions:
4”x3” (loop to end of ties)

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