Ruffle Silk Series Scrunchie | Silky Satin Chiffon | Luxury Designer Hair Scrunchies | Handmade

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New in the Silk Series, this oversized scrunchie is a must-have. What I love about it? The channel sewn down the center creates maximum ruffling that envelopes your bun like a flower. It’s a statement accent, perfect for dressing up your ordinary. Place over your bun and wrap once or twice for two different looks. The model pictured with pink sweater is not wrapped twice. It can slip in those with thinner hair. Have fun and play with it, this is definitely a favorite of mine.

Each sold separately.

100% Polyester Silky Chiffon
This fabric has a very similar finish and weight to 100% Natural Silk. I choose this to make a more durable accessory that is less prone to snags and wear. It is also washable.

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