Satin Series Printed Scarves | Multiple Patterns | Hair Scarf | Ponytail Scarf | Hair Tie Included

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This Hair and Neck Scarf can be worn several ways. It comes knotted on a hair tie that you can wrap your pony or bun. Or, take it off, press and re-roll as a neckerchief.

This can be worn multiple ways -
1. Wrap the scrunchie around your ponytail and then split your ponytail in two sections twirl one end of each tail into the section and wrap around into the messy bun.
2. Wrap your bun or ponytail with the scrunchie and either leave the tails long or adjust to be shorter by wrapping around your bun knotting the remaining tails in the front or back of your bun or ponytail.

This fabric is a lightweight polyester silky satin, making it more durable for wear and wash. Fabric made and cut from imported materials.

Measures approximately 4" x 15" (loop to end of ties).

19”x19” flat square

Scarves are the only items that are not hand sewn in our shop due to fabric availability and / or production capabilities. All else is designed and sewn but is here in Cincinnati, OH.

Approximately 14.5” Hair tie to end