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SATIN SERIES SCARF // New & Improved

I have these silky square scarves that you roll and then tie into your hair. They’re among my most popular items. Me? I tend to avoid them bc I have fine, thin to medium hair that doesn’t hold them well. They also take some patience in styling. So, I’ve decided to make them easier to use. I’m all about less fuss, so let’s take the fuss out of it! These are cut down on the bias, leaving the pointed ends of the scarf but they are thinner now. No need to roll, they hold with less bulk, and they are more versatile. I have some of these ready, and working on transitioning more of them.

Wear these in your hair, on your waist, neck, or head.
There are many ways that I can think to wear these.
This fabric is a lightweight polyester silk satin, making it more durable for wear and wash.

Each sold separately. Not sold as a set.

Measures approximately 5” x 45”.